Hoofing it for CatWalk

A unique collaboration between Sims Pacific Metals and CatWalk will see tens of thousands of old horse shoes recycled in the name of scientific research.

hoofing it

In what’s believed to be a world-first, Sims Pacific and CatWalk are joining forces and encouraging New Zealand horse owners to donate their old shoes to charity.
This is a fantastic chance to help horse owners out by getting rid of what is essentially a recyclable item, while benefiting the environment and helping in the search for a cure for spinal cord injury.


With more than 7 thousand sport horses in New Zealand, most of which wear steel shoes, and thousands more racehorses wearing aluminium shoes, there are tonnes of metal tied up in stable yards around the country. We want to harness those shoes, and put the funding into research, that only increases the chances of getting people out of chairs and back on their feet.


Ambassador of the Hoofing It initiative is Katie McVean – NZ’s current showjumping star.
A horse might be shod eight – twelve times a year but the shoes don’t last that long, and what do you do with them when they’ve had it? Most people have rusting lumps of horse shoes tucked away – this is a chance to get rid of them and support a fantastic cause!”


The scheme, which is supported by the Farriers Association, will work when horse owners drop their shoes at selected locations including a number of PGG Wrightson stores, independent feed shops and vet clinics, and also at temporary locations at events such as the Horse of the Year Show.


Sims Pacific provide the collection bins, empty them and transport the contents before processing the used shoes.


Sims Pacific Metals are accepting ALL METAL ITEMS (not just horseshoes). If you have large amounts of metal just call – 0800 22 66 26 – and Sims will arrange collection from your property. Make sure you mention the metal is for CatWalk!


Get rid of what is essentially a junk item, while benefiting the environment and make those “lucky” shoes really count for something!!